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You may find below information about the main Real Estate Portal features

This is just a summary and you will find much more as you go along........


Responsive Layout

Fully responsive front site and admin panel layouts


SEO Optimized

Using tags and links in search engines friendly format, SEO optimized content



It can be translated easily to new languages by translating the lanaguage file (ready translations are also available, contact us for details)


Property Types Management

Functionality to create new property types and custom fields associated with them directly from the admin panel and with no modification of the sources required


Different User Types

2 types of users - private sellers, being able to post their properties directly from the front site and real estate agents, with their own admin panel and features to post multiple listings


Charging the Users

Flexible functionality for charging the users allowing the administrator to select if he would like to charge the agents with subscriptions, based on credits or run a free website


Agent Micro Websites

Micro websites for the real estate agents, with our own unique url, which they can advertise and showing only their listings and information


Real Estate Listings Search

Simple and advanced search forms, with an option to quickly switch between them without reloading the entire page


Listings Slide Shows

Slide shows showing the featured real estate listings


Fast & Responsive Admin Panel

Most of the pages in the admin panel load without reloading the entire website (AJAX) eansuring faster navigation and website management


Browse by Location

Functionality to browse the real estate listings by location, the locations can be easily changed by the administrator


Refine Search

The refine search allowing to additionally refine and search in the results


Configuration Options Management

Modify easily the configuration options like currency, time zone, date format etc. to customize the software for your project and country


Custom extensions and tags

Create your own custom php extensions and tags to expand the features of the software or customize it for your project requirements


Saving the Listings

Save listings from the search results and review them later on the Saved Listings page


Quick Links

Top quick links section shows direct links for the locations in which they are most properties posted


Email Alerts

Functionality allowing the users to create email alerts in order to be notified when there are new listings posted matching their search criteria


Browse the Registered Agents

Browse the agents, a page allowing to browse the registered agents on the website with their contact information and listings


Google Maps Integration

The users can add a Google Map to their listings showing the property location


Manage the Site Structure

Functionality for adding new pages, rename or delete the current ones from the admin panel


Save Properties Feature

The save properties feature allows the users to quickly save the properties from the search results (it's quick and simple with no reloading of the entire page) in order to review them later.


Share the listings and recommend them to a friend

This new tab on the listing details page allows the users to recommend the listing to a friend, by sending him an email with the ad title and details link. There are also links to share it on social networds like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Facebook log in

This new feature allows the users to login directly with their facebook account and skip the registration.  


Real estate Agent Subscriptions/Credits

This new feature allows the administrator to create subscriptions (paid monthly or other period of time set by administrator with recurring payments), which include a number of listings, banners and featured listings set separately for the different subscriptions. There is also possibility to charge the agents based on credits - they need to purchase credits and are charged a number of credits every time they post a new listing. The administrator has the possibility to choose from the admin panel which functionality he would like to use to charge the users.


Users Admin Panel

We optimized the users admin panel and added new features in it to make it as user friendly as possible. Its layout is also responsive, so the users can access it and use the different features from their tablet or smartphone.

PayFast Online Payment Solution PayPal Online Payment Solution



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