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The Tip Top Properties Difference

What is it that sets Tip Top Properties apart from the rest? We put it down to 10 core principles:



·       We are responsive to the market
While we have a physical window with properties to view, Tip Top Properties is premised on the needs, desires and preferences of the twenty first century marketplace. Therefore, Internet marketing is playing an increasing role in how we promote and market properties.

·       We concentrate on what we do best
Our core skills are in selling real estate, assisting buying decisions and in property development. We leave peripheral activities – for example rent roll and property management to carefully chosen industry associates.

·       Having carefully developed our ‘people skills’ over many years, we make sure we use them
It is an old truism that people buy from people – and that core understanding underpins our approach to everyone we come in contact with – buyers as well as sellers. We are friendly, likeable and trustworthy. People tell us that it shows, and these simple, basic personal strengths make all the difference in creating successful results.

·       We maintain our ethics at all times, and in all situations
Honesty is the best policy, and we couple that with an open-handed approach in all our business dealings. We never consider ‘buying’ listings by inflating property values. That is a short-term tactic, which invariably leads to disappointment and time wasted for all parties. As a consequence, Tip Top Properties has a long and extensive list of clients who have trusted US for our business over many years.

·       Relationships mean everything in business
Our client focused approach and desire is to serve people who come to us to the very best of our ability, bears handsome pidends.

·       We are very clear about our role. We are in business to represent our sellers
There is no confusion in our mind when it comes to negotiating a sale. We are here to represent those who have trusted Tip Top Properties to sell their property. Through knowledge, experience and sheer ability to negotiate, we aim to secure the highest price for a property that the current market conditions will allow.

·       We always work towards building ‘win win’ solutions
The art of negotiation is not about enabling one party to win at the expense of another. It is all about finding a resolution which is reasonable and meets the respective needs of the various parties concerned. Tip Top Properties is focused on engineering acceptable win-win solutions. Patience is a virtue. After many years of hands on experience in a real estate market which has inevitably experienced a whole series of cyclical ups and downs, we have come to the conclusion that the big picture is best served by getting the basics right every time. Tip Top Properties does not cut corners; we are professional, thorough and consistent – and have a track record of success across all market conditions.

·       We put the hours in
With an unashamed hard working attitude, Winnie and Andre has built a team, which thoroughly understands that success in real estate can never be a flash in the pan. It is never an accident. It is the result of following tried and tested systems, doing the work on the ground, making the calls and relating to people at an exceptionally professional level.

·       By focusing on the interests of others, and ‘doing the right thing’, the rewards for Tip Top Properties are a natural consequence of our hard work and expertise
It is a principle of Universal Law that you reap what you sow. We treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves, and clients discover that they know exactly where they stand.


Meet the Principal

In a recent interview, Winnie Potgieter explained her passion for real estate, and provided some insights into how and why she became involved well over 13 years ago.


Did you always have the desire to make sales – or is it something that happened by chance?

 Actually, I worked in a bank, but my friends and colleagues always said that I had the natural inclination to sell things. I was always busy tying up people selling things to those who want them. In fact my husband always said that I could a fridge to an Eskimo.


As far as real estate is concerned, I started as an estate agent or learner agent around 1998, where I learned the profession. That was an excellent grounding, as my mentors were all leading estate agents in Centurion. I was ready to strike out on my own and took it the encouragement from husband to start Tip Top Properties around 2000 as a one-man show. I never looked back.


What makes you a successful real estate salesperson?

I have always enjoyed the ability to think on my feet, do the maths at breakneck speed and relate to people one on one. Add to that hard work, a natural ‘feel’ for property, the ability to handle the inevitable ups and downs coupled with a burning desire to build a successful business, and you will get very close to the answer!


Apart from the income earning potential, what is it that appeals to you specifically about real estate?

Buying a home is all about working for people, and assisting families. When it comes down to it, my colleagues and I are in the business of fulfilling dreams, and that’s quite a powerful incentive for going to work each day.


What do you think sets you apart from your competitors?

As a fully integrated real estate/property development business which concentrates on excellence in customer services and adding value at all times, we find that we are insulated against most economic factors – and are, in effect, trend resistant. We aim to build relationships and never put those at risk in order to try and accomplish a quick sale. Clients appreciate this, and many, become long term friends and recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues.



Our People

Winnie Potgieter


Gerda Fourie

Estate Agent 


Office Managent & Estate Agent





In the real estate world, you will find many agents who are more than happy to close a sale with little thought or attention as to the requirements or expectations of the seller or the buyer. A seller may even gain the distinct impression that their agent is not really working to gain them the highest sale price that realistically reflects current market value. When seeking an agent to sell your house or to purchase a house, you want to know that you are dealing with a person who has the utmost integrity and absolutely has your best interests at heart. After all… are paying their commission!


Agents of Tip Top Properties are indeed this kind of people. In talking to them we found that they are, first and foremost listeners, and in sales, as was once famously pointed out, ‘we have two ears and one mouth’ – and should use them in that order. That means we should listen twice as much as we speak.


Our agents present their potential clients with the best possible options for their needs and financial means after they have listened and have asked probing questions to obtain the right answers. Selling real estate for our agents is a career choice and one that they very much enjoy. They have a natural ability to put people at ease and have a true and honest goal in helping others achieve their attainable property dreams. As inpiduals and as real estate agents, they are people who can still focus on helping their clients in these challenging economic times and that indeed is unusual and refreshing.


"A house is just a structure. You need people to make it a home."



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